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Ningbo Free Trade Zone pioneer industry and Trade Co., Ltd. winding equipment branch, as a large-scale winding equipment manufacturer in China, specializes in the production of a full range of high-end CNC winding machines.

The product specification is complete, the performance is stable and reliable. The company has a full set of imported manufacturing and testing equipment, and has strong development, design and production capacity.

It has passed ISO9001 and CCC certification.

Pioneer CNC winding machine has been exported to the United States, Japan, South Korea, France, Mexico, Myanmar.

Our customers have many large companies and companies with high winding requirements. For example: Newell Rubbermaid, the world's top 500, carling, USA.

American funded Shanghai saiai SCII, the world's top 500 Schneider, Midea Group, TCL group, Hong Kong Jiehe group, Taiwan Ouyi, Shanghai automobile flexible shaft factory,

Chint Group, Ningbo Songle relay and other large companies at home and abroad.

The pioneer winder used by the Ministry of space 502 winds the components of Shenzhou V and Shenzhou VI spacecraft.

Vanguard winding machine features:

1. Four axis high-speed winding machine: the speed is up to 10000 rpm.

2. Main shaft side winding machine: with special hardware and software, it can wind high-quality and difficult coils.

3. Reinforced extra thick winding machine: the maximum winding diameter is 6mm.

4. Super large CNC winding machine: the maximum frame rotation diameter is 1200mm, and the workpiece weight is 1000kg.

After-sales service commitments:

1. Assign personnel to install and train operators.

2. Free maintenance within one year and lifelong maintenance.

3. If there is any problem, the after-sales service personnel shall arrive at the site for maintenance within 48 hours.


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